You guessed it — group shots showcase more than one product together. 

Often used for product kits and collections, group photography displays the range and variety of your products and gives the customer a more complete view of your offering. These types of images are perfect for social media posts and advertisements, as they give shoppers a taste of your brand as a whole, rather than just one product. 

Group photos also work to display variety and provide customers with additional information about a product. By mixing and matching different varieties in a single group photo, you’ll provide shoppers with a well-rounded understanding of your product. This is especially true for products sold in multiples or in different colors such as dishes or beads. As an excellent way to depict depth, variations, and angles in one compelling image this product photography technique can boost both a customer’s online shopping experience and your online sales.

Benefits of Group Product Photos

  • It grabs a shoppers attention — compelling them to click and buy.
  • It displays your online products more clearly.
  • It provides a shopper with important information about size, color, and materials.
  • It helps capture the purpose and feeling of your online product.
  • It helps a shopper imagine your product in person.