This type of photography is where you get to show your products in action.

Often taken with a model, like this example from, lifestyle shots tell the story behind your product and show your customers how they can use them in their daily lives.

While lifestyle photos can complement individual shots on your product page, they’re also perfect for social media, emails, ads and other visual channels, because they catch the eye and make your products feel more personal. 

We offer lifestyle product photography for your brand’s website, e-commerce site, social media campaigns, printed marketing material and beyond.

We focus on finding the perfect props, capturing the best light and composing a beautiful composition to create lifestyle photos that will make your products stand out.

A lifestyle product shoot can be either on location or in studio. A lifestyle photograph is simply an image taken in the products natural environment to tell a more inclusive story.

As well as classic photography, upon request, I also offer moving digital images of your product, or cinemagraphs as they’re called, where only one part of the image is moving in a loop