Believe it or not, customers care about packaging.

From browsing your website to making a purchase and receiving their product in the mail, customers seek a shopping experience that is consistent from start to finish. So, even though you may have an amazing product, if your presentation isn’t up to par, your customers might take note.

And if your products come with beautiful, branded packaging, why not feature it on your product page to give your customers a taste of what to expect?

Packaging shots, like this example from , feature not only the product itself, but also the product packaging, whether it be a box, bag or label.

Packaging is definitely one thing that adds that extra oomph to the ecommerce shopping experience. So if your product packaging is gorgeous, why not show it off on a packaging shot?

Knowing how the product is packaged gives customers a better sense of the branding and what to expect in the mail. Additionally, a beautiful packaging shot can also help convey that the product makes a great gift. It’s a win-win!

Packaging shots are most commonly used on product pages (or anywhere on the site, really) and for social posts.